Renewal Management

Click here to access the Chapter Leaders’ Google Drive Membership Folder
There you will find sample emails and scripts, training and promotional documents,
and other important items related to the chapter membership committee.

If you need to search for a name, hold down the “ctrl key” and the “f” key and a search box will appear. Enter in the names of the first person you are assigned to call to find them in the list. If you enter a name and it doesn’t appear in the list, this means the person has already renewed and you can move onto the next name.

Once you find the person you are assigned to call click on their name. You will then not only see the contact information but also makes notes including the date contacted, whether they will renew, if any of their contact information is out of date and the type of communication with the member. You can also send an invoice directly from this page by clicking email invoice. If you click on view invoice it will open it as a PDF which you can attach to your own personal email. You can also leave notes in the record which will go directly to Membership Staff. This section is useful if the member has a question that you can’t answer, if they say they are in-between jobs (so staff can send them the dues transition form), if they are interested in installment payments of if they have any other questions for the Member Services department.


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