Strategic Plan

The PCMA Chesapeake Chapter is pleased to announce that your volunteer board has been hard at work developing a strategic plan for our chapter. Read theĀ 2015 PCMA Chesapeake Chapter Strategic Plan.

This year, and in coming years, we want to ensure that PCMA Chesapeake Chapter members get the absolute most out of your membership! For this reason, we have chosen to focus on five key areas:

  • Building Community: Engaging members in Maryland and the region (including Delaware and southern Pennsylvania).
  • Providing High-Quality Education: Delivering education to support certification and growth.
  • Promoting the Industry in Maryland: Promoting the meetings profession and its impact in Maryland.
  • Maintaining Financial & Operational Success: Maintaining leadership & resources to be a dynamic, successful chapter.
  • Growing Membership: Providing the benefits & opportunities to support membership growth and retention.

We feel that honing our efforts in these areas will provide you, our members, with the best value for your membership dollars and will also pave the way for growth and continued success of our chapter. The board is open to your feedback, and we hope to hear your comments on our efforts.

Chesapeake Chapter Bylaws

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